How Quicken Version, Upgrade and Update Different from Each Other. A Detailed Explanation.

Quicken has a very neat interface and easy to understand functionality. Therefore it is an appropriate choice for both professional and personal users. But there are few basic factors that one should be aware of in order to take the full advantage of Quicken product. The foremost thing that is necessary to understand the difference between the version, upgrade and update. Contact Quicken Customer Support.

Here we are drawing a line to make things clear about the Quicken version, upgrade and update.

Quicken Version:

Version refers to the product version you have purchased from the Quicken website. This is the installed Quicken product you are using. For an example; If you opt for Quicken premier 2016, this the version of your product.


The term “upgrade” indicates the migration of Quicken from one version to another. For an example: if you are using a version of Quicken 2016, but then you purchase the higher version of Quicken from the website, you have upgraded your Quicken product. In other words, upgrade means opting for the succeeding version.

If you are wondering, how you can upgrade your Quicken product, there are methods:

  • Purchase a CD or DVD of Quicken the version you want to replace with your current version.
  • Download the upgraded version from the official site of Quicken.

Quicken Customer Support


The update is simply a patch or release for the current version of Quicken you have. An update consists of several improvements, fixes and additional features, which is introduced to enhance the user experience with the current version running on the device. The update is free of cost and can be found on the Quicken update page.

In order to update the Quicken product you are using, follow the steps:

  • Click on Help>>Check for updates or use the Update quicken with one step.
  • If there is an update has been released for your version, a window will pop up to notify you.
  • Click “Yes” to update.

One step update:

  • Go to tools and then one step update.
  • Click on Update now.
  • Now select for the update, and click on the download button provided on the front of it.

For better understanding contact Quicken Customer Service:

If the basic difference is not yet clear and you want to get a detailed explanation, you can call on Quicken Support Phone Number. The toll-free number +1-800-238-1025 will connect you with the Quicken experts, you can consult your issue or concern with the technicians and get instant response regard to your problem. Also, the techies will help you upgrade or update your Quicken product and guide you through the simple tips and tricks you can follow in order to get the best out of your Quicken product.

The numbers are accessible at any moment, as an expert is available 24X7. Other than this, you can avail Quicken Technical Support for any Quicken related issues, be it technical or general. So, here is the affordable and immediate solution for your concern is available at one place.

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