Quicken Connects Bank

Know About All the Methods How Quicken Connects Your Bank

Quicken allows you to download the financial transactions of your bank or financial institute’s account. To do this, you are required to connect Quicken to your bank. After this Quicken will automatically download the transactions or you can manually do this. Also, various methods are used by Quicken to connect to your bank and perform this action.

Quicken selects the method to connect to your bank account depending upon the services supported by your bank, the preferences selected by you as well as the relationship Quicken has with your bank.

Given below are the methods using which Quicken connects to your bank:

  • Express Web Connect : Under this method, quicken directly connects to the bank and communicates directly with your bank on your behalf. You are not required to make any efforts. There is no need to manually sign into your bank account and download the transactions on your own. Quicken will do it all for you.
  • Direct Connect: Under the Direct method also Quicken does the job for you such as downloading the transactions. It also communicates regarding bill pay, money transfers etc. with your bank.
  • Web Connect: Under this method, you have to manually download the transactions and import them to Quicken.

  • For supported banks and financial institutes, you can search for the list available on the Quicken website. Now Quicken will choose from the above methods and will select the one supported by your bank. Then it will download and update the transactions. For the direct connect method, your bank needs to give a call as it is required for the real-time transfer of money. If this is not supported by your bank then it will automatically connect using the other two methods.

    In case you are not aware of which connection method is being used for your Quicken account or you want to change the method, then:
  • Open your account and click on tools.
  • Then click on ‘Account list’.
  • Now click on ‘Edit’.
  • Open the ‘online services’ section.
  • Now click on ‘Change connection method.
  • If this method is not there then you can go to ‘Deactivate’ option.
  • After deactivating the account, click on the ‘Set up’ option.
  • Enter the bank name and then continue with the process.

  • For Mac, if you want to change the connection method:
  • In the account toolbar, click on your account name.
  • Now click on the settings option.
  • Under your bank account name, click on Downloads.
  • Now click on ‘Change Connection Type’ and continue with the further instructions.

  • If you face any difficulty while connecting your bank account or errors while using Quicken, then get in touch with the Quicken Customer Service for all online banking concerns.



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